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Irving Blue
Senior Level Manager

As a Senior Level Manager, focused on customer and client relationship management, work-team accountability, budget planning and management, analytic research, creative thinker and problem solver, business process optimization, and resource development have yielded improved cash flow, asset stability and/or growth.  Responsibilities include managing the entire development process or fulfillment services of large and complex developments, including feasibility analysis, acquisition, deal structing, design procedures and guidelines, financing, public approval, and construction or program management.

Master of Science, M.S., Concentration: Urban and Regional Planning

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Fellowship Recipient

Bachelor in Arts, B.A., Concentration: History
Managing Member

Provide consultant services to individuals, ownership entities, and institutions interested or participating in real estate transactions. Analyze, service, or provide feedback on existing asset performance or new real estate deals by gathering and analyzing data, identifying trends, and assessing profitability. 


§  Provide direct management or asset management services for all property types.

§  Analyze potential properties to purchase, administration of due diligence, provide analytical statements, conduct market analysis, and mange related acquisition requirements.

§  Provide source materials to owners for potential new developments or disposition.

§  Provide compliance review and monitoring of zoning laws/requirement, city ordinances, or community impact analysis.

§  Examine business measurements, including sales activity, pipeline development, and revenue achievement.

§  Manage measurement and reporting tools as well as analyze data and strategy for meeting financial performance goals.

§  Design policies and procedures for the adherence to compliance requirement.  

§  Develop and establish strategic plans for creating measurable outcomes, manage construction schedule, and improve organizational performance.  

§  Prepare capital needs assessment and implementation strategies.

§  Create and management annual budgets.  Develop tracking/variance reports or analysis of budget impacts.

Regional Manager

Managed repositioning services of 2 operationally failing assets in Georgia (Athens and Savannah).  Both communities (Savannah 325 units and Athens 225 units) required intense management monitoring and regular site visit oversight. As Regional Manager, management services and performance delivery improved significantly causing an increase in property valuation, meeting low income tax credit compliance requirements, improved brand recognition, strategically upgraded occupied and vacant units, enhanced exterior appearance (landscaping, signage, building structural design elements), and increased resident satisfaction rating.  Repositioning services resulted in ownership selling both assets for a profit.


§  Completed evaluations, replacement, and hiring of all site positions.  The new site associates were trained, supported, and implemented a customer friendly environment resulting in rent collections increasing 40%, occupancy growth, improved resident retention initiatives, NOI improved by 20%, loss to lease decreased, and operational expenses were management within budget guidelines.

§  Established expense control systems, negotiated vendor contracts, verified invoices, conducted monthly site audits, and ensured timely vendor payments.

§  Developed annual budgets and prepared budget various reporting.

§  Coordinate maintenance services and management operational plans that increased resident satisfaction and improved new lease closings.

§  Facilitated and/or improved relationships with vendors, city agencies, areas businesses, and residents.

§  Provided monthly reports to ownership identifying property concerns or analyzing performance impacts, interpretation and projection of market trends, ensured inventory controls, and adherence to annual inspections schedule.

§  Point of contract for purchasers: provided property reports, conducted site visits, and coordinated consultant property visits.

Regional Director

Managed portfolio financial performance for over 20 assets totaling 2,558 units that range in program type (e.g., market rate, tax credit, public-housing, Section 8, and voucher assistance), family compositions, and retail/commercial spaces. Created and monitored annual operating budgets, developed expense control systems, and analyzed monthly Profit and Loss Statements to incorporate strategies for improvement. Provided budget guidance and reporting based on ownership benchmarks, analyzed turnover expenses, staffing levels, and rent increase percentages. Made recommendations for capital improvements and/or maintenance expenditures to ensure all tasks are completed on time and within budget.


§  Created workflow strategies and TEAM assignments that achieved overall financial performance improvements of the region by analyzing and reconciling financial reports, projecting trends and areas of opportunity, advising managers on cost control methods, and resolving budgetary issues.

§  Developed and leveraged internal and external partnerships/networks to maximize the achievement of business goals.

§  Reviewed monthly rent increases and advised Area and Property Managers of pricing strategies and opportunities for adjusting rental rates.

§  Lead Mentor for the Miami Florida Transition Team that successfully executed strategic management acquisition, stabilization, and transitioning of seven (7) management contracts totaling 1,108 units.

§  Managed and fostered relationships with company partnerships, ownership entities, investors, state agencies, brokers, senior executives, public and private institutions, asset management, and government officials.

§  Developed strategies and work plans that improve operations of troubled assets, which lead to both operational (received satisfactory rating on state agency audits) and financial (consecutive years of NOI increases) improvements.

§  Managed strategic goals associated with a 30 million-dollar HUD CHOICE Initiative.

§  Co-Chaired 2018 company strategic meeting on Diversity and Inclusion.

Senior Vice President

Oversaw, collected and utilized fundamental information to provide analyses and concluded the financial feasibility of potential acquisitions, startup businesses and joint ventures for FDP Management, Inc. Managed operations to improve business processes totaling portfolios with assets of estimated valuation $160M and (1,186 units).

Supervised property operational management, and implementation of the company growth strategies focused on management services: residential, office/retail, and institutional. Formulated comprehensive capital budgets by evaluating and determining the suitability of customer proposals. Inspired a culture that advocated the company’s mission in every employee/customer interaction.


§  Created detailed analysis in order to justify deal assumptions such as revenue, expenses and working capital.

§  Evaluated the operating performance of completed transactions to review the accuracy of projections and key assumptions used in the models through variance analysis.

§  Provided in depth analysis on key drivers and trends, collaborating with other stakeholders, as needed.

§  Analyzed large quantities of business unit data to distill information into insightful presentations for senior management summarizing performance and progress toward corporate goals (e.g., HUD preferred management firm: Kansas City, KS Regional Office, St. Louis Regional Office, and Oklahoma Regional Office).

§  Managed Residential property types: cooperative, townhomes, Section 42 (LIHTC), market rate, all HUD program affiliations, scattered sites, and housing authority affiliations.

Executive Director

Provided oversight for advisory services focused in the areas of financial management, capital market opportunities, operations, and internal control management for an operational budget of $900,000 and assets management of $3M. Introduced solutions and recommendations to overcome weaknesses and mitigate associated financial risks. Provided clear and accurate responses to citizen and business inquiries; appropriately researched and resolved problems relating urban redevelopment; administered public services for the City of St. Louis, MO.


§  Strengthened community relationships by articulating the competitive advantages of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood, while ensuring its value improved by anticipating needs and proposing solutions.

§  Provided highest level of service by quickly and accurately identifying community growth needs and articulating the appropriate solution to urban development and potential gentrification.

§  Initiated and maintained strategic dialogue with non-profit organizations, investment groups, private companies, City of St. Louis, and State of Missouri.

§  Developed strategies to attract and/or retain businesses, facilitated business membership drive campaign, coordinated events targeted at increasing business networking, developed marketing material, and provided recommendations for the use of tax abatement, conditional use, and public services.

§  Provided monthly reporting to Board of Directors, Board of Aldermen, and key community stakeholders.  

§  Wrote and administered public improvement grant of 1.8 million.

§  Facilitated and hosted “State of the Community Meetings”.

§  Initiated annual community events which grown to regional attractions.

§  Coordinated services for the area business association.

§  Facilitated services and resident participation in annual “Grove Fest” celebration.

§  Develop strategies for traffic improvements and implemented car registration program.

City of Kansas City, MO Department of Housing and Community Development
Development Specialist

o   Administrator, Community Development Block Fund: completed annual budget and reporting to the Department of Housing and Community Development (HUD).

o   Program Auditor: provided program funding and oversight of 6 Community Development Corporations (CDC’s) in Kansas City, MO.  Monitored all new housing construction or rehab of signal family or multifamily developments. Provided field test and surveys associated with social programs. 

o   Assisted in drafting housing polices and compliance guidelines.

o   Coordinated and facilitated public meetings to address economic development, housing improvements, and general public services.

City of Kansas City, MO Department of Planning and Development
Planner II, 3rd and 5th Council Districts

o   Drafted, reviewed, and approved area and regional plans.

o   Presented zoning analysis, policy changes, and/or ordinance oversight to the City Council and Mayor.   

o   Conducted traffic studies.

o   Participated in drafting FOCUS KANSAS CITY, city master plan.  Involvement included: public presentations, selections of consultants, recruiting resident participation, and liaison services within government departments. 

Real Estate Broker
State of Missouri
Certified Property Manager (CPM)
Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
Specialized Training
Tax Credit Specialist, HUD Programs (202, 811, Section 8)
Mixed Income Development
Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
Property Management Software
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